Before infertility – the ignorant bliss of casually “trying” for a baby.

This is a blog about my journey with infertility. It started in May 2017.

I guess a brief back story would be helpful. I always knew I wanted to have children, and like most people just assumed after deciding it was the right time, it would happen without much thought or effort. I had never had any gynaecological issues (not even period pain!). Most people I knew with children said things like “It happened the first month”, “we hadn’t really started trying”, “we were so surprised!”. And the very few examples of people I knew who had difficulties had still fallen pregnant after 18 months or so (I remember briefly hoping this wouldn’t be me, but ignorantly thinking it probably wouldn’t). I’m a scientist-practitioner (clinical psychologist), so I was reassured but the statistics that most people fall pregnant within 6 months of trying (around 70%). So after getting married in early 2016 at the age of 28, to my long term partner of 7 years (he was 34), and both of us having established careers, we thought it was the perfect time to stop using contraception and “just see what happens!”.

After 6 months of “casually trying” with no success we move on to another 6 months “actively trying” (i.e., charting, tracking, OPKs, and generally overanalysing any bodily symptom). For those who have gotten to the active trying point (some get there quicker than others)– you will empathize with the process (it’s not fun and can take a mental toll on you very quickly). My anxiety was gradually building and I had reached the point where, statistically, 85% of woman my age should be pregnant (around the 12 month mark). I decided to see my GP. She ordered blood tests (FSH, Progesterone, LH, TSH) and to be thorough, gynaecological ultrasound. The hormone levels were all in the normal range so I went off for my ultrasound…


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